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House Points


Aquila: 35
Cetus: 62
Draco: 73

Midterm hath ended. And, for those of you with star-struck younger students who just can't wait to get back to class (neeeerds), get your telescopes ready & skip on to the Outdoor Classroom!

Guess what time it is? MIDTERM! Guess what that means? ORMIs! Let us know what your characters are up to over their holiday break at outside-of-rmi.livejournal.com. (At this time we are also happy to receive applications for new transfer students to join RMI after Midterm, so if you've got one ready to go, click that 'submit' button!)

Did you know that there are ~secret passageways~ at RMI? These come in handy. After all, even the most rule-abiding Cetus students need a place to unwind (or duel a frenemy) (or have a romantic rendezvous). Currently there is a party underway. Everyone is welcome - if you can find it!