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House Points


Aquila: 142
Cetus: 216
Draco: 78

Thanks to all for a great NaNoWriMo - those participating wrote OVER 100,000 words combined! We hope everyone enjoyed the month; carry that momentum through end of term!

RMI NaNoWriMo has begun! Bronze tier - 3,000 words PER student character Silver tier - 5,000 words PER student character Gold tier - 7,000 words PER student character Ultimate tier - 50,000 words total (student characters only) Each character you reach bronze tier with will have 15 points awarded to their House; for silver tier 20 points; for gold tier 25 points. Additionally, anyone who writes 5,000 words for each of their student characters will be able to add a profile picture for the character of their choice! For the top achievers out there, anyone who writes 50,000 words overall will get profile pictures for all present characters and alumni! ORMIs and co-written posts do not count towards your wordcount. Questions? Ping Austin on the OOC or in Chatzy.

Midterm is over and the second half of term has begun! Watch this page for more information about profile updates, reviews, and more. We expect the next term to begin on 1 December.