to Rocky Mountain International School for Magical Englightenment! This is a text-based roleplay site based on JK Rowling's Harry Potter universe that has been running since December of 2006. We are a diverse community of authors from around the world who love writing - and love writing together! Interested in joining us? We are currently accepting applications for T27 - just click "Join RMI" on the toolbar above and submit an interest form!

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We have received 10 interest forms, so term will begin on 14 January! This term we are going to do a better job of sticking to our calendar; barring extenuating circumstance, Midterm will run from 9 March - 16 March and T27 will end on 14 May.

T26 will end on Friday, 5 January! T27 will begin when we have ten interest forms from new authors :)

T27 will occur as soon as we have ten interest forms! Remember that you have to post each character at least 6 times in the past term in order for that character to remain active. Also, remember that if you do 10 reviews (or get 2 real life recruitments) you can upload a profile picture for one of your characters.