Counselor Garen Tennant

Dec. 19, 2020, 10:11 p.m.

Boy, are you broken

Counselor Garen Tennant had regulars: students with standing appointments, who came in every week or two for a session about feelings or college prep or whatever else they wanted to talk about. And then there were irregulars, who swung by with no notice and usually didn’t go on to become regulars.

Then there was Darlene Knight, who was somewhere in between those categories, with irregular behavior regularly. Last semester she had come by Garen’s office about once a week to drop things that were too big to be hints about hers and Drew’s relationship. Or more specifically, the lack thereof, which—well. What even was Garen supposed to do about that? Drew was his own person and even if Garen could dictate who he dated, he wouldn’t. Darlene was a perfectly lovely young woman and Garen could admit the breakup surprised him too, but he could also admit that he rested a little more easily now that Drew was less involved with a pureblood family known for making their problems disappear. The letter from Darlene’s mother over the summer had really only confirmed his impression that Garen wanted his son on the far side of the Atlantic Ocean from most Knights.

Come to think of it, she hadn’t been around as much since midterm. Poor thing. The counselor hoped she was feeling better and moving on.

Anyway, JD Daegan was an irregular if Garen had ever seen one. Garen hadn’t interacted with the fifth year much (because somehow the young pop star was not a Lyra), but before JD had transferred in Garen had been required to attend a meeting with JD’s mother and agent in which they had given him many instructions about JD that turned out to be more or less irrelevant, in the end. At least, none of the staff had noticed any paparazzi trying to break into the school, and Garen had flatly refused their request that RMI hire a full-time sushi chef.

Mostly, the former Broadway actor felt bad for JD. People who became famous at that young an age tended to struggle as they reached adulthood. Clearly JD was struggling now because he sounded like Eeyore. “Art gives me no joy anymore and I hate it here. Can you tape and glue my brain back together so I can tell my agent I’m fixed and can perform again?

It was also clear, Garen realized, that JD had no idea what Garen did. “Okay, come in,” Garen said, moving aside so JD could enter the office. Garen shut the door behind him and returned to his desk, motioning for JD to take a seat as well. “If art doesn’t give you any joy, why do you want to perform again?”

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