Jameson Daegan

Jan. 9, 2021, 4:09 p.m.

Is that a statement or question? Yes to both.

Garen Tennant was an odd one at Rocky Mountain International. The counselor had been well vetted when they chose the underground school as his redemption spot. If anyone understood where the child performer was coming from, it would be this man: failed professional performer stuck at this half-rate magical school, a depressing shell of his former artistic self. Stuck with children and spouse and nothing remotely interesting.

Surely, he would want to save JD from such a fate.

The office wasn’t impressive, JD noticed as he was invited inside. Great. This was his future. He hated it. Tacky chairs and wholesome pictures of family and friends - ick! What could he do to stop it? He sure hoped the failed actor in front of him would have some answers. You know, some… what-not-to-do’s.

Unfortunately, when he sat down, Mr. Tennant didn’t launch into lessons or advice. He wanted to actually talk about this! JD didn’t want to talk; he wanted to be fixed. As a member of the generation so used to instant gratification, the popstar would really prefer to skip ahead to the end of all this nonsense.

“If art doesn’t give you any joy, why do you want to perform again?”

“I - well, that’s =” he spluttered, trying to land on a reason that was better than admitting to the fact that this was the only thing JD was good at. He had literally nothing else going for him (perhaps his good looks, but those were almost intrinsically tied into his talent - famous people were just hot) and that made his stomach twist in painful ways. Thinking about how his parents would react if he completely lost his popstar persona - no, he couldn’t.

He didn’t realize how tightly he was clutching to the arms of the green chair he sat in, or that his breath started to pick up again. Crap, no, not here. Not again. “Um…” he started to feel sweat bead across his brow. “It’s my career, it’s what I do, the reason really doesn’t matter. Just do your job and fix me. ...please.”

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