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Jan. 9, 2021, 5:24 p.m.

Heist, Heist Baby [Tag: Tycho]

When she decided on who would help her, Sadie had some options. She’d originally had the idea of a heist when talking to Joey, but she knew what the risks of her plan would be. Joey’s sweetness rubbed off on her; she couldn’t let him get in trouble if they were caught. For a moment, she considered asking Elliot or Gigi for help, because they’d clearly be down for it. Gigi was naturally inclined to chaos, and Elliot would do practically anything, especially if it was framed as a sidequest. Anyone who saw them, though, would know they were up to something, so she couldn’t rely on them. Just their presence would get her caught in an instant.

That’s how she ended up with Tycho as her accomplice.

It made perfect sense - he wasn’t extremely suspicious - so now she needed a distraction. Knowing that the papers she needed probably lived in Counselor Tennant’s office led to the only logical decision: she had to mess with the theater stuff. Earlier in the day, Sadie set off a few dungbombs in the costuming racks and vanished several props. She also used Spellotape, taken from her house’s weirdly large supply, to tape closed doors, tape down any lights in the booth, and taped the ghost light completely to the floor. It wasn’t anyone’s best work, but it was enough nonsense to keep someone busy for at least thirty minutes.

Then, she just had to wait for it to be discovered. Thankfully, the conveniently chaotic school poltergeist was out and about, and it didn’t take Shifty Eyes long to burst into Garen’s office, cackling, and saying something about “the poor man’s tragic theater” between his ear-shattering laughs. Once Garen was out of his office, it was time for her and Tycho to strike.

“Come on,” Sadie grabbed Tycho by the arm and practically dragged him to the doorway. She’d explained to Tycho the mission and what she’d done to distract Garen already. “I’m going to start digging through the alumni files. If Tennant comes back, I need you to throw yourself at him or something to get him away from the office.”

She had no idea where to start, but after pulling open some of the drawers, she started to figure out the organizational system at play. “Thanks for helping with this, Tycho,” Sadie said once the silence started making her nervous. “I owe you.” Maybe she’d take his mom’s file, too, as a thank you. Benefitting from the heist was probably a proper thank you for participating, right?

OOC: Brief Mentions of Garen approved by Sophia.

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