Tycho Leppit

Jan. 9, 2021, 9:13 p.m.

We're a classic Bonnie and Clyde.

In his flourishing teenage years, Tycho had started to develop into the stereotypical American trope of the Unassuming White Guy. He knew fully that he was a “boy next door” sort of type - unassuming, friendly, and pretty cute but not the hot football player. Though young, he had already made his peace with the fact. He was fun, but not the most fun. Trustworthy in all matters outside his inherent privileges. And it made him a great sidekick/wingman/number two.

So he wasn’t surprised that Sadie wanted him to come along on her information reconnaissance mission. Tycho did feel a little bad intrinsically about busting into Garen’s office and going through his stuff, but not bad enough to not do it. It wasn’t like it was Garen’s personal belongings, just his professional records. That sorta separated the burden a bit. He could cope with that, even though Addi would absolutely be just as mad at him if she found out.

Still, he was honestly just excited to be involved. It seemed kinda like the kind of thing Sadie and Elliot would do, so he appreciated being included, especially in place of Elliot. The other two were just somehow a little bit more… chaotic than Tycho was. He was pretty chill and maybe a little nerdy. He liked getting into trouble too, of course, but they were just way better at finding it. Tycho was excited to have Sadie sharing some of it with him. She was a stunning natural.

Once Garen was gone and she quite literally dragged Tycho in, he stood closer to the door to keep an eye out. Minus the sounds of rifling through files, it was pretty quiet for a moment until Sadie spoke, offering her thanks. “Don’t mention it,” he replied with a casual shrug. “For a while now I’ve been wondering how to kick off my criminal record, and this seemed like a perfect opportunity.” He grinned in her direction briefly before returning his main focus to the hallway.

If his godfather returned, he could easily distract him. Tycho had already prepared a speech about how Addi was thinking about having another baby, and wasn’t that a terrible idea? It was a lie, though, but given how they shared sentiments last time Addi was trying to have a baby, it would definitely raise enough conversation to let Sadie finish up and escape behind them. Tycho loved both of his equally stupidly named little siblings to the moon and back, but realistically, they all knew they were pretty lucky that Addi had kept Tycho alive this long, let alone the other two. She did have Reece, but still.

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