Sadie Embers

Jan. 10, 2021, 9:07 a.m.

Except we're going to live

“Oh, I see,” Sadie teased, looking up from the drawer so Tycho could see her raised eyebrows. “You’re kicking off your criminal record here. You only get one of those if you get caught. You think we’re going to get caught.”

Sadie worried a little that that would be the case. What could she say if she did get caught? Garen might know something about her adoption, since the Embers were kind of, sort of, part of the larger Tennant family? She didn’t think he’d tell her anything, though. All of the adults around her refused to say anything. She hadn’t tried Lia Harper yet; she was a last resort. Sadie got the feeling that if Lia knew anything, she’d be most likely to share after a few drinks. She just hadn’t had the opportunity yet to ask under the right (drunken) circumstances.

Returning to the task at hand, Sadie thumbed through the files in front of her. Clearly, she hadn’t needed to worry too much about finding anything. The files were organized alphabetically by last name, and once she made it past Embers, Abigail and Embers, Cindra, she found it: Embers, Cosette.

Wow, this file was thicker than the others. By a lot. Of her Embers family, only Katrina’s seemed to be a little bigger than normal, but Sadie wasn’t here for that. She placed her mom’s student file on top of the drawer. “Should I grab my dad’s file, too? I don’t know what it would tell me, but I feel like…” Sadie made a face, then looked at Tycho with barely concealed anxiety. “I don’t think this is enough. I need more information. What would you do?”

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