Mikael Lundqvist

Jan. 30, 2021, 7:04 p.m.


Something had gone wrong. “Something’s wrong,” Anssi muttered to himself, his quiet voice sounding much too resonant in the empty hallway. Saying it out loud didn’t help him feel any better, and when the Headmaster’s office door ahead swung open, he jumped and hastily back-stepped to the nearest column, where he tucked himself as flat as possible behind it. Hiding low to the ground was a little pointless - he wasn’t exactly a six-foot hellion like his brother, but he was still a solid five-ten on a good day - so sticking to whatever shadows he could find against the walls it would have to be, at least until he could make it back to the nearest entrance of the secret passageways.

Except... “Ugh, that’s a shit idea.” The blonde made a face, nose wrinkling at his own idiocy. The nearest entrance would be the obvious choice for his pursuers. They were probably already lying in wait right behind the portrait door. No, he would have to take the long way to avoid Them.

(It was worth noting that Anssi had no idea who or what They were. Actually, now that he had considered that question, he realized that They had to be a what. Why They were coming after him was a mystery that didn’t actually matter at this particular moment. What mattered was that not five minutes ago he had just been doing his usual Prefect rounds on his free period between classes, and They were definitely not students and wouldn’t be put off by deducting House points, and, “Keep moving!” he hissed to himself.)

Risking a peek around the corner to confirm that the Deputy Head had left, Anssi began a sort of sideways crab-walk down the hallway, dropping to a crouch so that his silhouette wouldn’t be visible in any doors as he passed them. Which entrance to the passageways could he aim for that They wouldn’t think of? The library was too far away, and the Rec Centre was guarded by a sneering portrait that always called him out. “The diner,” he suddenly breathed, blue eyes widening. He was pretty sure he’d never seen an entrance in the diner. How had he known that? It would make sense, and be easy to hide among the other students there, but something was suspicious about his revelation. Was his mind just playing tricks on him?

Suddenly, a figure came out from around the corner. It was Them!!

“Get back!” Anssi snapped. His wand was in his hand before he knew it, a blasting spell erupting from the tip. He had to get away, fast --

There was a tugging feeling in his stomach. Moving on instinct he spun around, falling forward, and for the first time ever Anssi managed to pull off a complete transformation. He didn’t have time to celebrate his success, however, and bolted, hooves rattling down the hallway. A tinfoil hat was briefly visible, perched on thick grey fur and pierced through by a curving goat’s horn.

| OOC: look at Anssi go! Pic for reference https://www.vastavalo.net/albums/userpics/10901/normal_mk_2010_05_15_7d_076.jpg

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