Katherine Kendrick

Jan. 31, 2021, 11:53 a.m.

But there's no disco!

Kit Kendrick may not have gotten her parents’ theatrical inclination, but she could make a killer costume and that was what she had been doing at RMI basically since her first year (except in the years when they had talent shows) (although she’d helped with individual peoples’ costumes for talent shows too so really she was just the costume person at this point). This year they were doing Matilda and Mads was Matilda, which could not have been more perfect. Kit didn’t love the actual music for Matilda but she did like the story. Roald Dahl had been the only books she was really interested in when she was younger. Or ever. Kit wasn’t a big reader unless it was manga and even then she preferred to watch the anime first. Sometimes it was really different which she didn’t love and other times it was the same, which was better.

Anyway she had some questions for Grandpa Garen about how much artistic license she had with Miss Honey’s costume (Kit personally thought that Miss Honey could benefit from being a drag queen but Grandpa Garen had disagreed and plus she’d have had to find someone who wanted to do drag, although she was sure that between her and Dakota they could’ve talked DJ into doing it, but anyway since Miss Honey couldn’t be a drag queen Kit was dead set on trying to get her into like, a feather boa or something at least). And she was almost to Grandpa Garen’s office in the Administrative Quarters, she had turned the corner when all of a sudden there was Anssi (what was Anssi doing here?) and he was - he was holding a wand at her? And telling her to get back?


As Kit sprinted after the goat, entirely sure that Anssi did not know he was suddenly a goat, she realized that she was actually a relatively fast sprinter. Quidditch meant she was in good condition but she didn’t actually spend a whole lot of her time sprinting. It did not occur to her that part of the reason she was actually running fast enough to catch a goat was because said goat was not used to running on four legs and was not particularly good at running at that moment. But she actually caught up relatively quickly to goat-Anssi and leapt at him, successfully landing on top of him.

“Anssi! Anssi!” she yelled into his little goat face. “Anssi! You’re a goat! Let me help!”

Then Kit realized she had no idea how to help Anssi become not a goat. Transfiguration wasn’t her strong suit and human Transfiguration was hard. Well crap.

“I can get Professor McKindy!” Kit was still shouting in Anssi’s goat-face, as though she thought his hearing had somehow gone in addition to his human-ness. “He can help you!”

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