Fernando Reyes

Jan. 31, 2021, 1:05 p.m.

F Is For Friends Who Do Spells Together [TAG: Paola]

Nando liked the smell of the infirmary, which was unusual for someone his age. Most eleven-year-olds hated the smell of disinfectants and medical supplies, but to him, it reminded him of his Mami. Of course, this wasn't Nando's first time in the medical wing at RMI. The first time Medic Rock had seen him it was for trying out a way too early Incendio and promptly singing off his eyebrows. Fine, alright- an easy fix even. With a few drops of a hair replenishing potion and a wave of her wand, Nando was good as new. The second and third times that he found himself in the infirmary were for accidentally inflating himself with a Gastropoda charm, which Nando swore had something to do with farts and not soap. That was a little more difficult to heal, at least according to Medic Rock. Nando swears he saw her drop a tablet of Gas-X into a "potion" (probably just water), which he had to drink twice a day for a week.

The last time he was in the infirmary was his most notorious feat; Nano had managed to successfully conquer both the Spongify and Duro spells during the same lesson! Of course, he had cast them on his own arms, and seeing as how bones shouldn't be the consistency of a sponge or stone, that also took a few overnights in the Infirmary. Needless to say, Medic Rock and him were best of friends.

"Watch your step here Paola, dejame ayudarte- there you go, perfect." Not to wave his own wand, but he was getting pretty good at memorizing the fastest way around the school grounds now. Not that he would say any of this aloud to poor Paola, who was perfectly fine and would be better in no time..he hoped. No, it was gonna be okay. Nando was pretty sure that Medic Rock could fix just about anything he threw at her.

"Lucyyy-" he falsettoed. "I'm homeeeee."

Medic Rock, in the middle of performing the closing tasks for the infirmary, sighed and quickly spelled the newly cleaned sheets to fold and put themselves away. "Reyes, I was waiting to see when I would be seeing you again." She faced him and noticed he was with another student. "But not with a guest, oh Fernando what happened this time. Come over here sweety, what's your name?"

As Medic Rock began to assess just exactly what had happened, Nando was sure to mention his side. "I was just testing out a new spell, Profesora. I accidentally cast it directly into her eyes, and I am very sorry for it. But hey look on the bright side?" He tested his joke, which caused Medic Rock to shoot him a very stern look.

"Uh yeah, nope. No bright side. I'll just uh stand over here and not touch anything." It was just like he was home and Mami or his sisters were upset at him. Shutting up, staying in the corner, and giving puppy dog eyes typically got him out of trouble more times than not. Mustering up the most pathetically pitiful set of eyes that he could, he stared as the medic did her work on Paola.

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