Jan. 31, 2021, 3:22 p.m.

You bring the party, I'll bring the existential crisis

Anssi wasn’t quite sure what animal he had turned into; he had recently made some pretty solid progress in his Animagus studies, including several partial transformations, but had opted not to try divining his animal form. But there were hooves involved and he could see the fuzzy outline of hair or fur in front of his eyes, so he could make some guesses. Or rather, he would make some guesses later, once he was safe.

While his primary focus right now was on just getting the heck out of there, he was quickly becoming aware that he wasn’t doing the most successful job of it, and the hooves were a big part of that problem. Apparently, having twice as many legs didn’t mean you would instantly be twice as fast - which would have absolutely been reasonable on a normal day, but right now was just frustrating and inconvenient. He had to get away from Them and it really wasn’t helping that he had to waste time adjusting to his new four-legged gait. If there was one thing he had learned from the self-defense lessons Ruben imposed on him as a kid, it was that every second mattered in a fight. And also that avoiding fights in the first place was the best option, although that was a lesson he had derived rather than being taught by his punch-happy brother.

His lack of success was proved, and really came to the forefront of his attention, when someone or something tackled him. He wasn’t strong enough to support Their weight and buckled immediately, flopping to the side and kicking out with all four legs. It was maybe for the best that he was an animal right now, because the words running through his head weren’t exactly polite, but all that was actually coming out was just a whole string of angry bleating.

While he was running he’d been able to tell that it was a human shape chasing him, courtesy of his suddenly-widened peripheral vision (all hooved animals had eyes on the side of their head, so that made sense, though if he thought too hard about it he got confused and now was not the time). Suddenly it had clicked that They were whos, not whats; it would be much easier for a who to sneak into RMI and blend in with all the other people here. But then the who that had jumped on him pushed Their face in front of his, and it was actually Kit.

Anssi paused for a moment in his struggles. His eyes darted over her shoulder, compulsively checking the hallway behind, and landed on a smouldering hole in the wall where his blasting spell must have hit. There was a moment where he felt very relieved to realize that he hadn’t actually hit her. Kit was almost definitely not one of Them. She was too… Kit. Whether They were a who or a what, They almost definitely wouldn’t recruit someone like Kit for a takedown mission.

...Except Kit had literally taken him down and was now screaming in his face that she wanted to get Aaron to make him not a goat. It suddenly hit him with absolute clarity that Aaron had told Them he was studying to be an Animagus, and They had convinced Kit it was better for him to be a human in order to capture him. “What did They promise you?” he tried to yell back, instead bleating again. Anssi went for the best exit strategy he could think of and slammed his head forward, trying to head-butt Kit with his new horns, before kicking out again and scrambling back. He managed to get vertical and made to dash away, but jumped straight at the wall only to bounce right back off it again, where he wobbled in a disoriented circle. Weren’t goats supposed to be able to climb walls? This was pointless. It was the end.

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