Feb. 2, 2021, 10:02 p.m.

N is for No Doubt About It :)

Paola giggled. That was good! Giggling meant not crying, and not crying was better than crying, in his opinion. Slowly, he started to look around the room.

The Lyra's eyes wandered around, taking in all of the tiny details he had missed the last four times he was here. There were typical medical posters that he'd seen at regular muggle doctors' offices, albeit animated magically, labeling the different systems of the human body. Amongst the moving pictures of the skeletal, muscle, and nervous systems, was an infographic on "The Dangers of Using Reparo on Living Subjects" as well as what seemed to be a scientific journal editorial titled "Genetical Inheritance vs. Predisposition: An Exploration of the Origin of Magical Biology". It caught his gaze for a few seconds before he realized he had absolutely no idea what they were talking about. He didn't know what a "chromosome" was, nor did he understand other magical jargon like whatever a "squib" was. He caught a few words he did know including "DNA" and "muggleborn", and was halfway through the first page before he realized that Medic Rock had started to do magic.

"I'm going to have to shine a light in your eyes really briefly, Paola," Medic Rock said. "Lumos rutilus," she murmured, and a soft red glow appeared at the end of her wand. She waved it briefly in front of Paola's eyes. Medic Rock extinguished the light and said, "Your eyes are going to be okay. I need to put my hands over your eyes to cast the spell that will fix them. Is that okay?"

Paola answered softly and for a moment Nando felt as if he was responsible for corrupting something pure, like a unicorn or something. He had come to learn that girls came in all different shapes, sizes, and personalities. If Paola reminded him of a unicorn, Rhia was definitely some type of big cat, and Dea was some sort of horse. He wanted to be something cool like a dragon, but in all realness, he was probably some type of dog. A cool dog, though. Wait-she was casting magic. Pay attention.

As Medic Rock continued to help Paola, Nando started to take small notes in his Spellwork textbook. Next to Lumos he scribbled "Lumos Rutilus --> Red Light. More Stable than Lumos Rojo. When he looked up she had cast a second spell, holding her hand over Paola's eyes. Ocellus Reparifors. He wrote it down, and next to it wrote how she enunciated it, the position of her hands, and quickly doodled the direction she had swished her wand around. He sniffed the air, and then wrote down M I N T???? and circled it twice. As he finished writing his notes, he looked up and saw Paola seemed to be alright again. He smiled gingerly and showed her his notebook.

"It won't happen again but if it does, I know the spell to help anyone!" This caused a very exasperated sigh from Medic Rock as well as a lecture on how he should leave medical spells to the professionals and focus on not blinding his classmates, which caused him to blush profoundly. Nodding, he stepped out of the infirmary alongside Paola, and wished Medic Rock a good night.

He instinctively held out his hand for Paola to hold as they went down an incline, and then chuckled. "Wait you can see again, lo siento." There was an awkward silence in the air as he tapped the tip of his toes on the rugged floor. Leaning against a portrait, he began to say "So what do you wanna d-whooa! OOF!" The portrait swung open, leaving a poor, defenseless Nando crumpled on the floor. Smooth.

As the two first years stood together, in front of them was a seemingly endless and dimly lit passageway with stairs that lead straight into darkness. His eyes widened with curiosity. Not bothering to get off the floor, he mumbled to himself "Secret Tunnel Late Night Adventure".

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