Feb. 20, 2021, 8:15 p.m.

Whoa, spoilers!

“I sure hope not,” was Tycho’s succinct response. All joking aside, he super did not want to get into trouble. RMI was a difficult place for him to cause trouble, because pretty much everybody knew his mom, but also because his godfather was literally the counselor. (Y’know, the guy whose office they were invading now?) He supposed there were plenty of other kids that didn’t seem to give pause, but he had a problem with the idea of making Addi mad or disappointed. His mom made a lot of dumb choices, so if he made choices dumb enough to disappoint her, that was saying something.

With his eyes set determinedly on the hallway, he listened to her refiling through the files and considered her question. “Probably couldn’t hurt,” he answered. “I can’t imagine Garen has to check the alumni files all that often, so he probably won’t even notice. Grab your dad’s, grab your aunts’. And, hey, while you’re at it, grab my mom’s. I’m curious, and you’ll pass it anyway.” Tycho couldn’t help wondering exactly what kind of mischief Addi got up to at his age - he had a feeling she was a bit chaotic, although probably less successfully so than Sadie’s or Elliot’s moms. These trends seemed to be generational.

“Decide quick though, huh?” he added, starting to feel a bit more nervous the more time passed. It had only been a matter of minutes, but any minute could be just the wrong one.

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