Sadie Embers

Feb. 20, 2021, 9:51 p.m.

But did I spoil this?

Sadie tried to imagine the worst thing that could happen if they got caught. Garen was Tycho’s godfather and Sadie’s… okay, she could figure this out. Garen adopted Abby, more or less, and Abby was her mom’s cousin, so that made Cosette related to Garen by… nope, she couldn’t figure this out. She was wrong. Whatever, Garen was her something and that meant one of two things: they’d get away with it with nothing but a tiny lecture, or they’d get extra punished to prove there wasn’t any favoritism at all.

She didn’t want to find out which option they’d get, so she agreed with Tycho. She needed to hurry. His suggestion to take her aunts’ files took her by surprise, but it made sense. It wouldn’t be likely she could do this twice, and she’d just be frustrated if she realized she wanted something she chose to leave behind. She grabbed Hayden’s, then the rest of the Embers’. She couldn’t imagine Aunt Abby or Aunt Cindra having much to speak about, but it was worth the risk. She also made sure to get Addi’s for Tycho as a thank you.

“Okay, I think I’ve got everything.” She closed the rest of the files and quickly shoved her bounty in the bag she’d brought with her. Making sure she hadn’t left any clues behind, or accidentally bumped anything out of place, Sadie walked over to Tycho.

“We should get out of here.” Sadie took Tycho’s hand and practically dragged him out of the doorway, not waiting for him to follow her. Eventually, they found a safe spot down a few hallways out of sight from Garen’s office. She was pretty sure he wouldn’t walk by and spot them. The Cetus was almost breathless with excitement.

“We did it!” She exclaimed, then covered her mouth. She repeated in a quieter voice, “We did it.” With a victorious smile that quickly turned to a whole new level of mischief, Sadie got on tippy toe just enough (because somehow Tycho started getting taller than her, rude) to give him a great big kiss. Rewards were best when they also might be pranks. “There, your payment for a job well done,” she teased, “And your mom’s file.”

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