Feb. 20, 2021, 10:25 p.m.


Okay, so compared to Sadie, who apparently just went around kissing people all willy-nilly, or Elliot, who had probably made out with like half of their year group by now, little baby Tycho was sort of a late bloomer. This was the first time a girl’s face (or anyone’s face) had been put against his in this manner. As a sensation, it was not terrible, but it was quite unexpected, and also gross because it was Sadie and felt like kissing his sister.

It took him a brief second to recover physically, mentally, and emotionally before he spoke. “I’ll take the file,” he said in a joking tone, “but the rest of that? Terrible. Zero stars. Do not do that again.” He grinned, though, because kissing was probably a thing young people were sensitive about. He didn’t want her to think that was bad, because it wasn’t, really, it was just her doing it to him that was the issue.

“Anyway, I hope you find what you wanted from those files,” he said, putting out his hand as a hint for her to get his mom’s file out, to accept it when she did. “Let me know when you want to sneak ‘em back in.” Tycho was always glad to help a friend, but now he was ready to go back to his room, page through Addi’s personal information, and probably over analyze this interaction for several days.

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