Feb. 21, 2021, 10:57 a.m.

Party hard, panic harder?

Goat-Anssi bleated right back at Kit, who realized that he was trying to talk. That meant he still understood her! That was good, that meant it was still Anssi inside there. That was the difference between an Animagus and a werewolf, she supposed. Werewolves didn’t know who they were when they transformed, but it looked like Animagi did. Of course, Kit supposed that Anssi wouldn’t be a werewolf, he’d apparently be a weregoat which seemed a less dangerous than a werewolf given the lack of pointy teeth and the fact that goats didn’t typically eat humans. Goats ate basically everything else but Kit was almost certain they weren’t meat eaters, which meant the possibility of Anssi accidentally becoming a cannibal were low. But what about Animagi who did become meat-eaters? If a werewolf ate a person, did that make them a cannibal or -

That train of thought was derailed by Anssi headbutting Kit with his horns. Thankfully the horns weren’t pointy, but they still hurt a whole lot and goat-Anssi was much stronger than human-Anssi and managed to fling Kit backwards as she let out a loud “oof” sound. Her chest where the horns had hit hurt, but Kit wasn’t going to let that stop her from saving Anssi. They were friends, after all, and they’d gone on a date, and maybe they could even be dating. And while Kit knew that Mom and Dad didn’t really care if she brought home a girl or a boy or a Holland to date, she was pretty sure that they wouldn’t like it if she was dating a goat.

Anssi then crashed directly into a wall though, so all hope wasn’t lost. So Kit did what any witch who had been partially trained by a sketchy book that Anssi’s older brother had left in Remy’s care: she pulled out her wand, pointed it at goat-Anssi, and yelled “Incarcerous!”

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