Feb. 21, 2021, 5:49 p.m.

It's a solid strategy

Clearly he had been foolish to think that Kit couldn’t possibly be one of Them, because now she was attacking him and that was not something which would be happening if she was on his side. Anssi had gotten decent at wandless and non-verbal magic since he started animagus training with Aaron, but he didn’t know if it was possible to cast spells while he was not technically human, and the moment he wasted thinking about this was long enough for Kit to tie him up.

Anssi quickly decided that he did not like being tied up. Part because the ropes flying at him had again knocked him off-balance and he was getting a little tired of lying on the floor against his will, but also because it just wasn’t comfortable. The ropes were kind of tight and scratchy and one of them had gone around his face - er, snout? Muzzle? What were goat faces called? Whatever it was, it tickled, and it was preventing him from opening his mouth. Communication as a goat had not worked out very well for him so far, but it was still annoying not to have it as an option, however fruitless.

Oh, right, and being tied up meant he was really trapped. That was bad for a lot of reasons that weren’t entirely clear to him right now but also didn’t entirely matter.

He started kicking, trying to get away before They arrived, but quickly found the rope was too tight to move very much. And the tickling was also too much to bear, so finally Anssi just stopped moving and sneezed loudly from his position on the floor before blinking one round blue eye up at Kit. What was she going to do with him now? Where would They take him??

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