Feb. 21, 2021, 6:11 p.m.

My strategies usually are

Although Kit really wasn’t the best ever at casting spells - she was passable but when she pointed her wand some of her classmates ducked as a general rule - she seemed to have successfully prevented goat-Anssi from injuring himself further. The ropes seemed to be around him tightly, and had even encircled his goat-nose, which Kit felt a little bit bad about because that part couldn’t have been comfortable. On the other hand, in case there was any danger of goat-Ansii actually being weregoat-Anssi, it was for sure eliminated now since even if he was a weregoat, there would be no possible way for him to bite her. Overall, Kit was really quite pleased with herself using that spell.

Now it was time to get adult help though, and it was really very fortunate that they were in the Admin Quarters where Grandpa Aaron would be probably, as opposed to somewhere else where Kit might have had to drag Anssi all the way up the stairs or something. This way, all she had to do was drag him down the hallway. Goat-Anssi was goat-sized, Kit supposed, which meant that he was bigger than a dog but smaller than a sheep. She wasn’t about to pick him up and throw him over her shoulder, but he was probably light enough to move.

Goat-Anssi had been struggling but he had just stopped and was now just looking at Kit. Kit gave him the most reassuring smile in her arsenal and then leaned down. “I’m going to take you to Grandpa Aaron!” she yelled slowly, still not certain how to talk to a goat/weregoat. “He’ll fix you in no time don’t worry!”

With that, Kit stood back up, grabbed goat-Anssi’s legs, and began hauling him down the hallway. It was harder work than she had expected, probably because goats moved weirdly when they were dragged around apparently, and also the carpet wasn’t as easy to drag something across as a hardwood floor would have been. Kit sure hoped that goats didn’t get carpet burn, because if they did she was probably going to feel a little bit bad. But it was important that Anssi get help, more important than him not getting carpet burn. And at long last, with Kit sweating and a little out of breath, they arrived at Aaron McKindy’s office door.

“Grandpa Aaron, Grandpa Aaron!” Kit yelled, banging hard on the door. “Grandpa Aaron, my boyfriend turned into a goat and you need to fix him!”

The door swung open in a way that could only be described as resigned to its fate.

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