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As it turned out, They were not taking him anywhere, but Kit sure was. After screaming in his face again (which, it had occurred to him was further evidence that she wasn’t on his side; if she was trying to help him stay clear of Them, she wouldn’t be making so much noise and drawing the attention of every living or not-living being in their vicinity) she proceeded to grab his legs and start dragging him down the hall.

Any half-formed thoughts of Them possibly being dead or ghostly in nature were thoroughly shaken off as the carpet scratched past his face. Today was not a good day. Anssi couldn’t remember how the day had started - honestly, everything before he had been trying to slip unnoticed down the hall was a bit of a blur. But although it was a bit concerning to realize he couldn’t remember waking up this morning, it was nowhere near as concerning as when he realized that no matter how bad his unmemorable morning had been, it was surely much better than how his afternoon had ended up.

One tiny good thing about being dragged down the hall was that the tinfoil hat had finally been scraped free from his horns and was now laying raggedly on the carpet behind them. But the blonde teen - er, formerly blonde goat? - didn’t notice this at all. His heart was still pounding with anxiety as he craned his neck to see Aaron’s door looming ahead, and his legs were sore from being yanked on, and a part of him would have really preferred that he had just been caught by… who?... well, literally anyone, instead of being left in Kit’s hands like this. This was torture. And why wasn’t she just using a locomotor charm instead of physically dragging him?

He also didn’t notice when Kit referred to him as her boyfriend - or to be more accurate, he noticed, but he was distracted by being suddenly dropped when she let go and started pounding on the door. A goat-sized oomph pushed out of his lungs as his legs flopped back to the floor. Anssi felt like he had been scraped off by an osthyvel. He was past the point of caring where they were, as long as they had stopped moving, and wheezed grumpily behind the rope around his nose-mouth-face.

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