Fernando Reyes

Jan. 30, 2021, 2:46 p.m.

You Stole Fezzy Lifting Thoughts

Nando was in one of his Nando-ey moods. You know- remember when you were eleven and woke up feeling like you were gonna act like a complete buffoon just for the sake of gaining some fleeting sense of accomplishment for making one of your classmates laugh at whatever stupid joke you made that didn't even make sense. He promptly thought of the word "Pudding", which made him lose his collective shit for at least an hour.

The Lyra was on the prowl for a victim to one of his particularly crappy jokes that he swore were comedic gold. It was during this less than leisurely stroll through the Lyra common rooms that Nando saw the innocuous red fez sitting on one his favorite green beanbag chairs. Perfecto. Obviously, he strolled right up to it and instinctively put it on his head, Oppa Doctor Who Style.

The change wasn't immediate, seeing as how Nando was already in a shit-grin mood. But if Nando was vocal before, then he was exhuberantly charismatic now. Not waiting to process the thought coming out of his mouth, he philosophized out loud to no one in particular, which was to say everyone in earshot. "You know what? Why do they call it "Oven" if you Of In the cold food Of Out hot eat the food?" Scratching his chin as if he were the most fascinating man in the world he resumed. "Subsequently, if two guys were on the moon and one of the guys killed the other with a rock, would that be effed up or what? Makes you think huh?" Twirling his imaginary goatee, he readjusted the fez on his head, making the hangy-downy bit of the hat (tassel was a boring word) bounce in response. Before the other student could respond, Nando continued. "AND another thing-"

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