Jameson Daegan

March 24, 2020, 2:19 a.m.

What, no Perfect Fourth (Years)?


That’s what JD was looking for. He could practically picture it. Something with someone that would make his fans practically gag with shock. It wasn’t a vivid picture, but it was there. As long as he got attention, positive or not, it would get him back in the limelight. JD knew how this worked. Yes, his publicist might get a little pissy, but he just chalked that up to her time of the month. His team knew that he put his brand first, even if it meant drastic recovery measures.

And Elliot could be that for him.

JD wasn’t stupid. Most of his vocal fanbase consisted of screaming teenage girls, but there was another half that he needed to access: The Gays. He needed the tabloids to focus on the gays’ gaze. If they thought something new was happening with the Pop Penseive, they’d have to put it on the page. And if that happened, he’d have concerts during breaks. Limited engagements, full arenas, the comeback he deserved!

Being at Rocky Mountain International was hard. How was he supposed to continue his career if he was stuck here? The dirty blond couldn’t help but worry. No one else at this Merlin forsaken school had an actual career to balance on top of their schoolwork, and he couldn’t find the right nerd to do his work for him. The upper years had several losers that would be perfect, but they were also prefects and that sounded like extra money he didn’t feel like spending. He wanted to be effortless at the lowest cost, baby.

If Elliot could help him… well, JD wasn’t Gay gay, but he could

He looked the translucent guy up and down. “You don’t need the sun to get a tanned look. There’s spells and products for that.” Was Elliot joking? Okay, probably, but JD couldn’t tell. Elliot really did need some color in his skin. But who cared, Elliot asked the most important question:

“What kind of distraction are you looking for?”

“I’m gonna be honest,” JD said with a grin (and without too much honesty), “I think I’m looking for a date-like distraction. School is boring, and I miss those lavish parties. If I can’t take you to one yet, guess Pearl Street has to be the next best thing.” He raised his eyebrows in a silent challenge. Elliot seemed like a daredevil of some kind. He could use that. “Interested?”

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