Elliot Phippen

March 28, 2020, 12:29 p.m.

I’ll make a note

Yup, he was right. He’d asked the question that got him a more fun-for-Elliot answer. Elliot had never actually been on a date, and if he didn’t have date-like feelings for JD the way he did for Eugene and Deagret, but that didn’t matter. Because damn was JD hot, and damn would Elliot be down to participate in date-like activities with him.

“Yeah,” Elliot said, grinning. His lopsided smile often made him look mischievous, which was usually accurate, although right now it looked more suggestive than anything else. “But you asked me so you’re paying,” he added, because JD was always talking about going to lavish parties and being a big-shot star, and Elliot was a thirteen-year-old gamer who needed to save his allowance for new releases. Between Christmas and his June birthday, Elliot always got presents during his breaks anyway, but a lot of games came out over the course of a year. And just because he didn’t have a whole lot of time to play them anymore didn’t mean Elliot was choosy about which ones he bought. If Elliot’s Steam library were a real physical library, it would have to be the size of the one on Coruscant. If he was going to 100% all of them, he’d need to take a gap year.

Elliot hadn’t missed the implication that JD wanted to take him to lavish parties. The New Yorker was intrigued. He loved parties at Peregrine—the lights and the crowd and the noise—but he knew for a fact that those parties would be more fun when he was seventeen and could drink under wizarding law. Mama sometimes let Elliot have a sip of her drink, but he wasn’t allowed to have his own at Peregrine because of the liquor license rules. He wondered if wizard Hollywood parties were any different. Like what did a teenager even do at them? Elliot would be down to find out.

He was down for a date-like distraction, too. Elliot stepped so he was beside JD instead of facing him, and bumped his shoulder flirtily against JD’s. “So, where does The Pop Pensieve take guys on dates?”

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