Jameson Daegan

April 15, 2020, 11:09 p.m.

Those notes better be perfect

Pair Elliot’s agreement with that smile and JD knew he’d picked the right partner in crime for this afternoon dalliance. The teenage popstar didn’t have any friendships to speak of - he hired those for specific events - so he had no idea how it went. Suggestively offering date-like activities in a public place for the purpose of enticing the paparazzi seemed like it worked. Not that JD’s end goal was even making a friend. Who needed that when he had piles and piles of money?

Elliot picked up on JD being super rich, since he decided JD would be paying. He took one look at the other guy’s clothes and knew that made the most sense. It would be like donating to charity! From what he’d heard, poor people were either extremely fat or extremely skinny. JD didn’t make the rules; facts were facts. Judging from his clothes and how scrawny he was, Elliot Phippen didn’t have a knut to his name.

“Fair enough.” He flashed another dazzling smile Elliot’s way, just in case there were already cameras watching. His mother, Julip Daegan, trained him at a young age to always prepare for the paparazzi. Whenever you least suspected it, they’d come and snag a picture, a story, and unless you were prepared, it would never be something you wanted to share. JD had no secrets, of course, but he liked to control the narrative. It’s what any artist would do.

“So, where does The Pop Pensieve take guys on dates?”

JD’s shoulder tingled just a little bit from the brief flirty contact, and he looked over at the other Rocky Mountain International student. “Well,” his voice dropped flirtatiously, “If we were somewhere else, anywhere else, we would have much more interesting options. But since we're here...” He started to walk, making Elliot trail after him, and nodded towards the nearest coffee shop. He put a hand on Elliot’s shoulder once he caught up. “First thing is coffee.” He slid his hand from the shoulder down to the other boy’s free hand. JD laced his fingers through Elliot’s and raised one perfect eyebrow, a flirtatious challenge. “Come on.”

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