Andrew Tennant

May 2, 2020, 12:20 p.m.

You’re not a Hufflepuff

Huh. Drew knew betrothals were a part of fancy-rich-pureblood life, they just weren’t something that had happened to anyone around him. Aaron used to be that kind of pureblood, but like most things other than Spellwork, he never talked about it. He would probably be uncomfortable with it if Drew said he had a mysterious past, but if Aaron wanted to not have a mysterious past then he needed to talk about it more and de-mystify it. But from context clues Drew had the idea that Uncle Bennet had had a betrothal, and Aunt Cara had been betrothed to her husband, and so probably Aaron and Jessie would’ve had them too if they weren’t both so… Aaron and Jessie. Maybe Aaron had a long time ago and it just hadn’t worked out for obvious reasons. Drew couldn’t imagine any pureblood guy getting betrothed to Jessie, though. Nor could he imagine Jessie putting up with that kind of nonsense for one minute.

But Claudia was the kind of pureblood girl he could imagine ending up in a betrothal. It just seemed weird that she was still in school with the rest of them and also engaged. Drew couldn’t imagine getting engaged in school. He couldn’t imagine getting engaged, period. Teenagers should not be in marriage arrangements.

Except there was the little part of his brain that always pointed out that Darlene’s mother could set up a betrothal for her at any time, apparently as early as now, and that there was a way to prevent that. But that part of Drew’s brain was quieter than the part that said it wouldn’t be right that way, and he wanted things with them to feel right. And overall, things didn’t feel right right now, and going down to the courthouse would not fix that. He didn’t know what would fix that.

Argh, he was thinking again. “Yeah, betrothals should have gone the way of the dinosaurs,” Drew agreed, feeling all knotty inside. He didn’t know anything about delicate sociopolitical balances, but there had to be other ways to keep that in check. “It’s not like they need alliances or land deals or whatever anymore, and even if they did there’s got to be a better way to get them than marrying your kids off. And it’s not like magic is gonna die out if purebloods don’t stick together.” As far as Drew could tell, Muggleborns and halfbloods were just as magically powerful as purebloods were. So long as you had one magic parent, you usually got magic too. In fact… “If the point is to make there be more witches and wizards, then technically everyone should marry Muggles. So it just straight-up doesn’t make sense.”

Seriously, Drew could not think of a single reason for betrothals. He guessed Claudia would be glad to have one, and Magdalena Alder seemed pretty happy about hers (based on the fact that she was always telling everyone about it). That was so weird because she was even younger than Claudia, but at least Magdalena and Nolan had had a relationship first. Drew didn’t keep up with Claudia’s social calendar but he was pretty sure the only person Claudia had ever dated was—

“Poor Connor,” Drew said. The guy was obviously head over heels for Claudia. Not that Connor would ever pull his head out of his ass enough to notice, and not that Drew was going to shed a tear about Connor’s happiness, but still.

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