Tycho Leppit

May 6, 2020, 5:23 p.m.

Shop and shiver

It was heckin’ cold.

Tycho thought in stronger language than “heckin” - he was a big bad teenager now, after all - but Addi didn’t let him say cool words out loud. At least, not when other people were around. Sometimes he got to say it at home, but he got the feeling that Reece didn’t like that very much, so he chilled out because Reece was cool. Plus, there were always babies around anymore, and he definitely didn’t need anybody getting mad at him when Callie’s first full sentence was, like, “Eff the system” or something. Tycho wasn’t going down like that.

Anyway, the point was that it was cold. Tycho should have expected that, being on Pearl Street in December, but he still felt like complaining about it anyway. He had to go shopping, so that was also boring and lame. But Addi had a January birthday, and he knew once he got home he was never gonna get away from her, so now was the best time to find something small for her, usually with money Uncle Andy sent for the occasion.

The Lyra poked around in a few stores, most of which were pretty tacky but in kind of an Addi way, looking for something. He lifted a crappy dragon necklace off of the display and looked at it. He noticed somebody from school nearby, so he addressed them. “Hey,” he said, a formal young lad. “Is this stupid-but-somebody’s-mom-would-like-it, or just, like, stupid-stupid?”

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