Marley Chapman

May 13, 2020, 10:28 p.m.

Mushrooms! ....what have you done?

Marley had always prided herself on being rational and trying to understand different perspectives. Connor was a bit of an exception, for obvious reasons like, for example, racism was absolutely systemic and socially learned but that didn’t excuse his inability to <s>grow up</s> adapt to changing societal expectations, or at least pretend to instead of occasionally spouting off bigoted garbage. But she still tried to understand, in her own way, and when presented with a rational argument, of course she listened... even if listening normally resulted in eye-rolls, corrections, and/or giving up and watching a potato explode all over the dude as he couldn’t stand to take advice from someone who actually knew how to bake potatoes just because she was poor, or black, or half-Muggle, or queer, or all of the above (the exact reason for that particular event had never been entirely clear).

So why did Drew have to serve actual Logic?? She couldn’t brush that off. Ugh.

It pretty much physically pained her to nod back to Drew, but she managed to do so - barely and very slowly and paired with a bit of a grimace. It was more of a muscle spasm than a nod, but it was the best she could manage. “I guessss you’re right.” His last slice of Logic had been the most right, and she could’ve almost happily agreed to that alone, if it hadn’t been prefaced by all the Logic that just boiled down to reasons why Connor should marry Claudia. Like, fine, okay, if Claudia had gotten engaged - er, betrothed - no actually probably ‘engaged’ was the right word here given the context - to Connor, it might not have been quite a slap in the face to the Pureblood patriarchy but still at least an elbow jab in the ribs because of the whole family hierarchy thing. But that didn’t seem worth her best friend’s life-until-death-do-us-part. Claudia was bafflingly okay with Connor, but from Marley’s perspective, he was bound to show his true personality eventually, and she deserved better.

But going back to that last point. “At least, you’re definitely right that he might be even worse now. I hadn’t thought of that,” she admitted, her nose wrinkling as she frowned. Connor had always put on a show of being on his best behaviour whenever Claudia was around; his best still wasn’t great, but it was a mountain better than how he always treated her or Remy or their other friends when Claudia wasn’t there. If he took Claudia’s betrothal as proof that his repulsively blatant feelings (having obvious feels for someone wasn’t repulsive in itself, to clarify, just Connor’s feelings specifically) weren’t reciprocated, would he just totally revert? She’d like to say at least they only had a year of school left together, but that just meant a year before Connor was let loose on the world. Gah. “Although,” she offered, a last-ditch effort at optimism, “maybe we’ll get lucky, and he’ll start playing up an even better attitude in some twisted scheme at winning her back.”

Shaking her head to rid it of Connor-centric thoughts, Marley realized she was still holding the engagement card, and it occurred to her she needed to pay for it, and then it occurred to her that Drew might’ve actually had business to do at the bookstore instead of just talking about marriages and bigotry - what could possibly be more important right now than talking about marriages and bigotry, she had no idea, but who knew what Drew got up to in his free time? They were friendly, but not especially close. “Sorry, I hope I didn’t pull you away from… books or whatever you were doing here, I guess,” she concluded succinctly, gesturing vaguely around the store with her free hand. “I’m gonna go pay for this. Were you getting anything? I can keep you company. Or help you pick out a card, if you want one, you saved me on that choice so I can totally return the favour.”

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