Jameson Daegan

May 14, 2020, 4:43 p.m.

Back at it again

Look, JD knew what he was doing. Hand holding was a performance. If he wanted to mess around, he’d just find a dark corner - or a bright corner, he wasn’t picking - to do some kissing. Hand holding was a statement. Hand holding with a boy was a louder one. It suggested a story, an affection, a tale for the press to dissect. Who was this boy? How did they meet? Were they actually dating? Who stole the Pop Penseive’s heart? Bonus points that he didn’t mind the sensation at all. Elliot’s hands were slightly callused - JD could teach him a proper moisturizing routine - but he didn’t hate it.

It was only when Elliot threw away his cup that JD even processed the other boy had a coffee. That was fine. Elliot’s coffee was garbage and belonged in the garbage. This coffee shop was top tier, the only coffee place on Pearl Street JD would deign to spend his money. He gave Elliot a somewhat lopsided but entertained smile and returned the high five. What a weirdo.

“Nice shot.” He casually placed his high fiving hand back into his pocket and looked at the menu, as if he didn’t know what he was getting. He glanced over at Elliot, who was talking about ice cream somehow. JD avoided making a face at the idea of all that fat entering his perfect body. He could sacrifice that for a good photo op. “I’ve never been to Finnigan’s Flavors. You’ll have to show me the ropes.”

When they got to the counter, JD ordered a triple half-sweet, non-fat caramel macchiato and paid for whatever Elliot ordered. He told the barista to keep the change with a wink and a smile. Every good deed was a chance for a good story.

“So, if you could Apparate us anywhere, where would we be going instead?”

JD truly thought about this answer. Literally anywhere would be better than Rocky Mountain International and this boring Muggle mall. How he missed the parties, the excitement, the pretty people. He was lucky that RMI wasn’t completely full of uggos. Some of them - like Sadie Embers - were passably pretty, and even a couple, like Elliot, could nearly pass as a celebrity. He felt bad for so many of the others.

“Well,” JD decided, “New York’s hottest new nightclub is Crave. You don’t have to worry about a bouncer; it’s just an enchanted mirror that permits entry based on your net worth. And this club has everything: ghosts, retired hit wizards performing in cages, felix felices hot tubs, puffskein jugglers…” He did not bother explaining if this meant there were people juggling puffskeins or if there were puffskeins who were able to juggle. “It’s amazing.”

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