Tycho Leppit

May 20, 2020, 5:53 p.m.

...Are you gonna stab me or something?

Tycho grinned. Elliot.

“Birthday,” he answered. Although buying Addi stuff to make up for something was probably a good idea. But the thing was, Tycho didn’t really have stuff to make up for. Most of the time.Usually. Actually, if anybody had any making up to do, Addi should have been buying him apology presents for having more kids. Not to be mistaken, Tycho absolutely adored his two little siblings, but come on, man. They were a six person household now in one apartment. It wasn’t the smartest move. Even a dummy like Tycho knew that.

Elliot made a good point about Tycho’s mom, though. She was pretty sappy. Tycho could probably have handed her a rock and been like I saw it at school and thought of you ‘cos I miss you so, so much! and she’d cry or something. Not literally - Addi wasn’t really a huge crier - but y’know, inside. She did get slightly weepier with each pregnancy, though. He hadn’t missed that observation.

“That sounds lame,” Tycho commented bluntly. “If your mom just picks out her own gifts, then there’s no surprise. Plus, why bother even putting your name on it if she knows it isn’t from you?” Elliot’s family was pretty generally a get-right-to-the-point kind of group, so Tycho supposed if the point was getting a gift you wanted, that was probably the most efficient way. But Leppits liked surprises. Most of the time. Usually.

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