Georgina Philpott

July 25, 2020, 3:52 p.m.

Relations, you say?

Whole school classes were sort of cool. Georgina Philpott would never usually be caught saying something so complimentary about school, but she did happen to go to an underground magic school in America, so there was some wiggle room in what would usually write her off as a teacher’s pet (like Sadie). Whole school classes held up on Pearl Street were definitely as unlame as a class could be. Professor Blair shepherded the third years along with the beginner students who weren’t even allowed to Pearl Street yet under normal circumstances, which to be fair just showed that Blair had a buttload more common sense than most of the RMI teachers.

Ambling into the building in wide-legged black jeans and a red t-shirt knotted above her navel, with a thick off-white knitted cardigan hanging from her shoulders because it was February and cold as arse, Gigi cast her eyes about her, winking at a couple of the tastier older boys as their gazes hooked. Blair started talking about being crafty, or whatever, and Gigi’s wide brown eyes landed on the colourful banner above the heads of the gathered students. The first line read, ‘Encouraging a positive, philanthropic attitude towards Wizard-Muggle relations.’ Gigi gaped. Whatever this programme or organisation or whatever had planned, it sounded a lot like they wanted to piss off anyone who gave a pineapple about the Statue of Secrecy. Gigi’s mum had been cautioned on three separate occasions for using magic on Muggles. Gigi’s own experience of Muggles mostly involved sticking her tongue in the mouths of the Timmins brothers, so that was definitely a positive attitude towards Wizard-Muggle relations. In Liam’s case it counted as philanthropic, too - she only kissed him because she felt sorry for him.

Georgina tuned back in just as Blair said, “it’s important to build positive connections with those who live here.” Wow, okay. If her professor wanted her to makeout with randoms on Pearl Street then Gigi wasn’t going to kick up too much fuss about it.

Smirking to herself (and to whoever was standing close by, because why the hell not?), Gigi crossed her arms over her bare midriff and tried not to fall asleep on her feet while the professor lectured her way to the point. It sounded suspiciously like she wanted the students to fix broken stuff without using magic. Which was the dumbest assignment Gigi had ever heard. She wanted to kick something. She’d let her favourite professor lure her into thinking this whole class field trip was actually going to be something fun. Pineapple this.

As the groups started splitting up, Gigi leaned over to the person nearest and muttered, “I’m going to sit under the ice rink benches and conjure a fire. You coming with, or are you the sort of nerd who cares about this lame assignment?”

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