Remington Burnham

Aug. 3, 2020, 7:33 p.m.

Clearing things up

Remington couldn’t help but wonder, once again, if things would be better at a different school.

Unfortunately, she knew she was trapped. Sixth years didn’t transfer, really, especially those who planned on applying to college. It looked bad, inconsistent, and she couldn’t let that be the case. It was too late to graduate early, as well, so… here she was, incredibly stuck at Rocky Mountain International with not much to look forward to.

In the couple of days after Kit littered the Finer Diner with the nastiest rumor she could, Remington spent her time as alone as possible. She hated that people stared at her and whispered. She sat in the back of the classroom so she could leave as soon as class was over. Since she usually stayed behind to finish up her notes and talk to her professors, the Draco knew this was a problem. It was just easier than leaving herself open to deal with more of the nonsense. She stayed in her room, met with Director Tennant to manage her overwhelming anxiety, and went to Pearl Street to work with the kids she tutored.

It was after helping an eight grader finish up her essay for a summer program scholarship that Remington started walking back to school. She considered stopping by one of the thrift stores to replace her favorite sweater, because of course it had a hole in it, but she didn’t want to pair body image issues with everything else. She’d just deal with wearing her second favorite oversized sweater - a soft yellow with small pink flower accents - and see if she could magically repair the old one instead.

And then she made eye contact with Claudia.

Remington froze, unsure what Claudia was going to do. But when she nodded, Remington made a decision. Chewing on her bottom lip, she strode over to Claudia’s table, and then she hesitated. “Hi.” Maybe she should leave Claudia alone. No, Claudia was her friend, and Garen told her she needed to talk to her friends. Remington sat and cut to the chase. “I never went on a date with Connor, and I never would. You know that, right?”

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