Claudia Dubois

Aug. 12, 2020, 2:35 p.m.

Like a new pair of spectacles

Remington had somehow - quite unexpectedly - become one of Claudia’s closest friends. She supposed that her eclectic mix of friends was so diverse that perhaps it should not have been a surprise for her to count Remy among them, yet Claudia still found herself bemused by this reality from time to time. With Darlene, Alena, Connor and Nolan she had a great deal in common. Remington, Marley, Kit and Caleb … they were wildcards. Some wilder than others.

Despite having her own goals and distractions, Claudia had not been entirely ignorant to her friends’ lives in the time that had passed since they’d returned to school after midterm. Remington had been sullen and avoidant, and as she chewed her lip when she approached, Claudia surmised that whatever had been bothering the Draco recently was continuing to plague her now. Luckily, Claudia was in such an exceptionally buoyant mood that she didn’t object to the challenge of raising Remy’s spirits. As she saw the other girl heading over, Claudia summoned a passing waitress and ordered a second tall glass of blueberry lemonade for her companion.

Remy arrived at the table, casting a shadow over Claudia, and bit her lip to deliver her basic greeting. Then she immediately went on to say, “I never went on a date with Connor, and I never would. You know that, right?”

Claudia magically pulled out the other chair at the circular table, placed at four o’clock to Claudia’s midnight, and nodded for Remy to sit. “It’s none of my business who you, or Connor, decide to date,” she said coolly. Then, because her friend seemed genuinely perplexed, she sat forward a little and added, “While I consider nothing to be impossible,” - Remy had once made out with Leopold Harris, plus Danny lived with Holland, Dade was Dakota, Drew punched DJ, Kit had a pet acromantula, Anssi was related to Ruben, Marley once had a crush on Connor, and Tobias Morgan was still headmaster - “I didn’t believe it for a moment.”

Sensing Remington was still upset, Claudia continued, “I doubt anyone with two brain cells to rub together believed the gossip. Whatever happened to give Kit the impression you were dating was no doubt something perfectly mundane that somehow got ridiculously misconstrued.” She sipped her lemonade.

“Now, you haven’t been your usual positive self recently, don’t think I haven’t noticed, and I’d be shocked and dismayed to discover that it was idle gossip that’s gotten you looking so forlorn. I’m in an especially good mood and I refuse to be this way while you suffer with despondency. So tell me whatever it is that’s been bothering you, and we’ll sort it out.” The waitress placed a glass of violet lemonade down in front of Remington, with a bamboo straw and a garnish of mint leaves and blueberries with fine spirals of zest. It looked like a firework display.

If the drink and conversation didn’t cheer Remy up, Claudia was determined they would spend the afternoon together until she coaxed a smile out of her. Perhaps she’d even generously replace the younger girl’s wardrobe, as she’d taken to wearing the same ghastly sweater most days, and Claudia had more money than she knew what to do with. If Remy didn’t want clothes, they could get manicures, or indulge in some fanciful wedding planning, or perhaps order the tasting selection of cakes at this cafe, which came in bitesize morsels on a three tier stand, decorated with edible flowers and glitter. The world was their oyster (they could order oysters, too, if they wanted).

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