Deagret Wyckland

Sept. 6, 2020, 9:59 a.m.

Livin' it up on top!

The whole ride up the elevator, Dea was practically vibrating with excitement.

Sure she'd been up to Pearl Street once before (for a class, but like, not for anything else) so having the freedom to do things and spend money and walk around in a place that wasn't just school?

Oh, man. Yeah. This was the life. The absolute peak of teenage living.

That wasn't to say she wasn't just going to Pearl Street without an objective; the goal today was to stock up on a few shrinking potions. Just in case someone (cough Remy cough, since she'd so gracefully handled that) decided to do a room check. Luckily, her bike hadn't actually put a hole through her mattress, but it was tilting the frame up a little bit, which meant that every time she moved, the bed creaked.

So not exactly the best possible outcome? But it could be worse.

After retrieving one shrinking potion (Dea had not expected them to be that expensive) for anyemergency purposes only, she decided that she needed a break and sat herself down at Finnigan's Flavors and ordered a Rainbow Ripple. Considering the fact that she'd never had magical ice cream before, Deagret came to the conclusion that there wasn't much difference (other than the side effects, of course).

She had pulled her phone out, cherishing the sheer amount of good wifi she had received while out and about. Apparently, she'd gained six thousand more followers on Tiktok, which apparently meant her account hadn't been shadow banned but it still seemed pretty sus. Maybe she'd post something later.

In the meantime, she was people-watching. The people coming into the shop, the people walking around outside, the people on her phone. So she really wasn't paying attention when someone sat down across from her on the other side of the booth. When she did notice, her brows furrowed and Dea went, "When did you show up?" clearly quite confused.

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