Remington Burnham

Sept. 6, 2020, 10:57 a.m.

Bookstores are a girl's best friend

Remington came to her seventh year with her colleges already chosen. She needed a school with a strong anthropology program, and for what she wanted to study, it had to have a program for the magical community. She couldn’t just study pureblood culture at a Muggle college; that wouldn’t go over very well. Many schools focused more on charms development, technomancy, and even some cursebreaking. Finding wizarding anthropology programs was harder than she could have predicted.

Her list had narrowed down to the all-wizarding university, Sirweams, in Washington. Albion was like Hogsmede in the states, and she thought that might be a good resource for what she wanted to do. The acceptance rate sat at 44%, so she knew she needed other choices. Rice University in Houston also seemed like a good choice. Remington liked the idea of going to a school for Muggles that had secret magical programs. There could be great opportunities for crossover between the wizarding anthropology departments and the Muggle ones. California didn’t feel right to her, so she’d removed all of those schools from her list. Duke in North Carolina was a possibility, and it had a really cool crossover program with the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill - she could take classes at both schools and get degrees from both if she wanted.

So that meant she’d be applying to Sirweams, Rice, Duke (and, sort of, UNC Chapel Hill), as well as a few others to balance out her applications: Swarthmore, Yale and Harvard (just to see if she could), University of Michigan at Ann Arbor, and both Oxford and Cambridge in the UK. It was a lot, and the Draco already felt the pressure.

Her resume and her transcripts were going to be impressive enough. Her test scores were solid, and there was no reason for her to take the SATs or ACTs, since she wasn’t applying to any Muggle programs. The hardest part of the application process, hands down, were the personal statements. Essays. Remington didn’t want to talk about herself. She didn’t know how to sell herself to a stranger. She wanted her test scores, her grades, her academic accomplishments to be enough. Head Student had to mean something. (Almost) an animagus had to mean something. She’d spent nearly all her summers in academic groups, growing and learning outside of the walls of Rocky Mountain International. Couldn’t a college counselor just look at that part of her application and deem her worthy enough of their hallowed halls?

Despite knowing she’d have to write the essays, Remington couldn’t do it just yet. She needed a break. Finalizing her college list was a good enough accomplishment, and it wasn’t like she was doing this alone. Director Tennant could help her figure out some of the essays later on in the week. Drew would look if she asked, but Remington didn’t want to bother him right now. Her best friend was going through a lot.

As she removed her school robes and replaced them with a plum Muggle friendly long cardigan over her cream colored blouse, she couldn’t help but let her mind drift to Drew. It turned out that KIt was telling the truth. Drew and Darlene did break up. For a brief moment, Remington felt hopeful. It was like someone released a whole flock of doves in her chest. But it didn’t last. She only found out from Drew when she asked about his summer, and when she asked how he was, he said he felt bad for Darlene. Sure, sometimes she thought about what it would be like to hold Drew’s hand, go on dates, maybe even kiss - but this was Drew. And Remington couldn’t imagine being a better choice than the beautiful, model thin and beautiful Darlene.

And, Remington mentally scolded herself on the elevator to Pearl Street, I don’t really have time for all that dating drama anyway.

Maybe she’d get over that small bit of hope if she told herself that enough times.

Remington stepped off the elevator with the plan to buy herself some new romance novels (which she’d hide between two other book purchases, of course, because RMI talked about everything), but she didn’t even get to the section before she barreled right into another student. Her bag fell from her shoulder, spilling pens and her wallet and lipstick everywhere.

“I’m so sorry!” she quickly fell to the floor to pick up her mess. “I just finished doing some college application stuff and my brain is completely mush. I didn’t see you at all. Are you okay?”

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