Norah Nilssen

Sept. 6, 2020, 3:14 p.m.

Just trying to live "it" in general

She’d gotten it. Norah had officially received the first letter from her betrothed which meant that her parents were as stupid as she assumed them to be. They had not, in fact, called it off. Instead, an owl had fluttered in while she’d been calmly sitting at breakfast to drop off a letter with her name looped into perfectly written cursive letters. She inhaled sharply through her nose as the owl had cooed at her, blinking at her while waiting for her to take the letter from it’s outstretched leg. With every ounce of disdain that the Lyra could muster, she released the bird from it’s burden and watched as it flitted off happily, glad to be free until it’s next mission. The young blonde however, turned her eyes with sheer contempt towards the pristine white envelope with an equal perfect Andersen scrawled in the corner. Andersen, heh. She could practically hear her father’s voice in her head commenting once more on the quality and prestige of the Andersen family as he stared at her, that unnerving grin on his face as he talked about her impending doom (doom, nuptials, same difference).

Despite her feelings towards that matter, she hadn’t been able to drudge up the courage to open it. It had been like a lead weight in her pocket, holding her down as she tried everything to distract herself from the elegantly scrawled handwriting. Eventually, she found herself on Pearl Street, muddling through all the mundane things that both the magical and muggle life had to offer, all while thin sheets of paper burned a hole in her pocket. The blonde picked up some meaningless things, some candy, a muggle magazine, and some new nail polish, hoping to ease her mind with distractions. Eventually, her curiosity got to the better of her, but she couldn’t just open it! What would it say? What if she couldn’t handle her emotions in the middle of the overly crowded street. There were too many thoughts in her head.

Without a second’s hesitation, the fourth-year ducked into the local ice cream shop, forgoing the line to the counter and slipping into an empty booth. She pulled the letter out of her pocket and set on the table a safe distance away from herself. She could do this, it was just paper it wasn’t like it could actually hurt her. Unless it gave her a papercut, which could also be disastrous but maybe she’s be able to get by on not responding because well, she just couldn’t write with such damage to her dainty hands. Didn’t her betrothed care about her welfare enough to not use such sharp paper? Yet, the envelope and its unwanted contents remained in a stationary position. She couldn’t do it, but maybe someone else could.

Glancing around the shop, Norah could only look around, glazing over the faces of people she didn’t know before landing on a familiar face. Norah didn’t let herself think about what she was doing, because it could lead to precious rumors around the school, but she stood and quickly walked over to the booth, sliding in across from the other witch. “Precisely two seconds ago.” She answered with a matter of fact. She knew that this was a student in the younger years, so she’d be safe talking to them about what was going on. Potential rumors or not, she was definitely not opening that envelope herself. “I need your help.”

Norah placed the letter that she’d hastily snatched up on her dash over and dropped it onto the table as though she’d been burned. “I’m going to go get ice cream,” she said, swallowing. “I need you to open that and read it. Then just tell me if I should burn it.” A little backstory probably could have been given, but Norah slipped back out of the booth, hoping that the girl would do as she’d asked. If not, she’d be back in a few seconds to find out.

After ordering a Petal Posy and returning to the table, she fixed the other girl with a worried look. “Well?” She asked, fidgeting with the spoon sticking out of her ice cream. “Did you open it? Please tell me you did because I physically cannot do it myself.”

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