Norah Nilssen

Sept. 6, 2020, 5:49 p.m.

I don't

Norah only exhaled and chose to shove an entire mouthful of ice cream into her face. Which proved to be a very poor decision because of the massive brain freeze that hit her about two seconds later. She wasn’t sure whether the tears pooling in her eyes were due to the insane cold feeling causing her teeth to hurt, or the simple summary of the contents that Dea explained to her. She took a moment to work on swallowing and then another to fight back the choking sound she wanted to make at finally having a mouth that was not solidly ice. Once she was able to compose herself, she huffed a sigh.

“My parents arranged a marriage for me.” She said, pushing the cup back and forth between her fingers. “I’ve never met him and well, that’s the first letter he’s sent me.” She knew that most girls probably would have loved getting a letter like this, but not Norah. The blonde didn’t want anything to do with it. “I’m sure he’s perfectly respectable, my father wouldn’t arrange for anything less, but I’m not happy about it. I don’t want it. I never asked for this.”

This time, the tears pooling in the Lyra’s eyes were real, but she immediately swiped at them. She. Would. Not. Cry. It was simple, she wasn’t going to let herself seem weak about this. She huffed again, taking a smaller bite of the treat this time, not wanting a repeat of nearly dying on it. She exhaled as she finished it. “I’m being a little stupid about it, but I’m angry that they did this without even asking.” She wasn’t sure how much Dea knew about the way pureblood society worked, she’d never asked about the other girl’s heritage and honestly didn’t care. Arranged marriages were still a custom in certain muggle cultures too so either way, she probably knew something about them.

“I don’t know what to do, but I know I’ll start by not replying to that,” she waved a hand idly at the letter that Dea still had. She was still curious, but the words love and letter set side by side made it fade. If this boy wanted to basically spout romance at her, she wasn’t game for it. She wondered how long it would take for an irate letter from her father to arrive when he learned she’d never responded. “What’s his name?” She asked, fiddling with the spoon, looking over at the other girl. “Please tell me it’s not something stupid like Havdar. They did that to one of my cousins.”

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