Norah Nilssen

Sept. 7, 2020, 2:57 p.m.

Depends on societies definition of "legal"

Norah’s grey eyes were still watery as she nodded at Dea’s words. Unfortunately, arranged marriages were indeed something that happened in the modern wizarding world. They were less common, more seen in the old pureblood families and that was certainly what her father was trying to act like. While she might have only been fourteen, it wasn’t uncommon to have the match prearranged. Likely, her parents wouldn’t announce until closer to her sixteenth birthday which wasn’t that far off, considering that her birthday put her sort of a year behind. She’d be fifteen in two weeks and that was enough for her father to begin the preparations.

“Bryn’s always gotten a choice in everything!” She exclaimed in frustration, jabbing her spoon a little harsher into the ice cream. “Papa probably wouldn’t even be doing this to me if he wasn’t broken!” When her brother’s hearing had become an issue, all attempts to secure a marriage for him had stopped, if there even were any to begin with. Her parent’s let her brother alone to figure out his conundrum because what pureblood family would want to marry their daughter off to an heir that had such a deficit? Honestly, Norah was more offended by that because her brother was still perfectly respectable and had every right to be considered a strong match. Just because his ears didn’t work right didn’t mean that he wasn’t still one of the smartest people she knew.

Still though, he got off with the easy road in her opinion and the blonde sniffed just a little. “They didn’t use to be like this, Papa’s just gotten more - paranoid, since we came to America.” And to boot, he was using her as a pawn to try to clamber back into society when he’d so clearly fallen from it. She’d have to do some research on the family she was being assigned to, they had to have some connection to old blood that her father wanted part of. “I mean, I’ve never even had a boyfriend and now I’m engaged to a stranger? How is that any kind of fun. I want to live and do stupid things, not behave until I graduate so I can marry…”

Norah wrinkled her nose. “Magnus. I mean it sounds like magnet. Or the end part of humongous.” She stopped speaking to rub at the bridge of her nose. With a sigh, the blonde looked over at her new companion. “I’m sorry to bother you with all this, I just, I don’t know what to do about it. I don’t even know him and they expect me to write him? Why is he professing his love for a person that he’s only heard described by his parents? He’ll probably hate me if he ever meets me anyway. He doesn’t even know what he’s getting into!” She was exasperated now, spoon twirling rapidly in her fingers. “What would you do, if you were dealing with this?”

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