Andrew Tennant

Sept. 9, 2020, 11:46 p.m.

Room for another best friend?

All Drew could think about during his shift at Deep River Records was that it had definitely been long enough. A whole summer and then some—that was respectful. If people like Magdalena Adler wanted to come at him now, when it was way too late and none of their business, they could. Drew didn’t care: he knew what he wanted to do and he’d waited long enough to do it. Today was the day.

But first he had his shift, so it was time to focus on music. He took inventory, cleaned, made a display for the new One Eyed Mermaid album, and pulled together a playlist for the patrons browsing the newly-swept aisles. This was his favorite part of the job: deejaying and introducing people to new music. The nice thing about the store was they had albums from Muggle and wizarding artists, and there was something new to introduce to anyone who came in. Drew put his song list together. “Lantern” by Grilled Cheese and Thunderstorm. “I’m Yours” by Jason Mraz. “Heartspark” by The Eponymous Heroes. “Just The Way You Are” by Bruno Mars. Making a chill, romantic vibe in the record store while he waited for the clock to run out. Three more hours after his lunch break, which was in just half an hour… twenty minutes… ten…

And then he thought—why the hell was he waiting for the end of the day? He could get to RMI and have a conversation and get back in his lunch break, and he was so nervous anyway that the sandwich he’d brought from the Finer Diner was just not going to sit right in his stomach.

Drew stepped out of the record store and into the bright, early-autumn sunshine. It was cool enough that he was comfortable in jeans and the black and purple Deep River tee that still had his nametag pinned to it. As he walked back toward RMI, he planned his route. She was probably in the library. He’d go there first, but if that didn’t work, he could check the secret passageways where self-defense club normally met, on the off-chance she was in there practicing or scouring Ruben’s grimoire. And if that didn’t pan out, Madeleine could check the Draco Common Room and the girls’ dorms for him. One of those had to be right. The bell over the door of Lighthouse Books announced his entrance. Drew made his way toward the elevator—

—and crashed straight into Remington.

“I’m fine, don’t worry about it,” Drew said. He stooped to the floor to help Remy collect everything that had fallen out of her bag. Well, if this wasn’t a green light from the universe, what was? “You look like you could use a break, though.” He offered a fistful of pens to her. “Writing your college apps with mush-brain sounds like a terrible idea.”

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