Remington Burnham

Sept. 12, 2020, 4:03 p.m.

There's always room for you

Oh, I literally ran into Drew.

There were always days at Rocky Mount International where someone could be like, this might as well just happen. Kit using her inappropriately named group to spread dating rumors? Sure, that might as well just happen. Poltergeist making the Finer Diner rain tacos? Yeah, that tracked. Dakota setting a hallway on fire in a confrontation with Claudia? That might as well happen. It did happen. If it happened again, she wouldn’t be shocked (except Dakota would need to be in a fight with someone else, since Claudia graduated - well, no, she still wouldn’t put that past RMI).

Running into Drew felt par for the course, since she was thinking about all the reasons why she couldn’t date him. If Claudia could hear her thoughts, she would scold Remington for that. She wanted to try and believe that someone would want to be with her. She didn’t find herself that attractive most of the time, but she thought she was fun and a good person. The Draco just couldn’t imagine that after dating society’s idea of perfection - a perfect, blonde, skinny model from money - they would jump to her instead. And with only one year left at RMI, colleges to apply to, and their friendship, it didn’t make sense.

It was such a romance trope, but this was reality. And in reality, Drew was talking.

Remington smiled and took the pens with a quick, “Thanks.” He was right; she’d come to Pearl Street to take a break. “Yeah, I started one of my personal statements, and all I could think to say was, ‘I am a human girl,’ which isn’t all that impressive. It seemed more productive to stop right now.”

She noticed his Deep River tee and realized he might be on a break, too. Just because she was having weird feelings didn’t mean they had to be weird. She refused to spend her last year at RMI wondering if people were mad at her or hiding from her. She just wanted it to be normal.

“We can go on break together, if you want,” she suggested once everything was back in her bag. “I was just going to look at some books and take a walk? But I don’t want to bother you if it’s your lunch break and you need to eat.”

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