Sept. 16, 2020, 10:39 p.m.

I should hope so

“Yeah, they probably get a lot of human girl applicants, you need to stand out more,” Drew advised. For a sixth year, he knew way more about that college application process than he would have liked, and he was really glad he didn’t have to deal with it now. Obviously he’d have to figure it out next year, but that was ages away, and by then Dad would have compiled a big list of journalism programs for him anyway and Remington would proofread his essays and he’d be fine.

If that was what he decided to do, anyway. Drew hadn’t told Dad yet that he was thinking about not going to college. A big part of Dad’s job at RMI was counseling students on their career options after school, and Garen was a big believer in college, as a Cornell alum. But Drew didn’t see the point for him. Yes, he could learn to write better as a journalism major, but he could learn that on the beat while getting articles published and practicing his investigative skills. Some newspapers (yes the wizarding world was so old-school with their physical papers, but Drew had some ideas about modernizing he thought would work) didn’t require degrees for their new hires. And he was so over studying. The last few years at RMI had not exactly been a picnic. It’d be nice to not be in school, to have free time that wasn’t consumed by studying so he could just relax and work on music when he was off the clock. Drew just didn’t know how to convince Garen of that. He had another year to figure it out, though.

We can go on break together, if you want. I was just going to look at some books and take a walk? But I don’t want to bother you if it’s your lunch break and you need to eat.

“It’s my lunch break,” he confirmed, “but actually I was looking for you. I mean, we can go eat now too, I have almost an hour.” And once he said what he was about to say, his nerves would stop getting the better of him and he could probably get some food down.

Unless she said no, in which case he was just going to go get himself a large cup of Finnigan’s Kiwi Krystal ice cream alone and contemplate every mistake he’d ever made, particularly in the last four months. No big deal.

Drew decided that he was just not going to think about that option. One measure at a time. He straightened up, then decided that felt too formal and relaxed, shifting his weight to one side more casually. “But I was gonna ask if you want to go out some other time. On a date,” he clarified, because Remy was the dumbest genius he knew and he could totally see her assuming that he meant as friends when he very much did not mean it that way. He thought about adding “like, romantically” but decided against it. She couldn’t be that obtuse about this. Right?

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