Sept. 26, 2020, 3:36 p.m.

Um, I don't, I'm so sorry

"I mean, that definitely makes sense," Dea said, and then immediately regretted it. She should be helping Norah make good decisions, since this was, ya know, a matter of grave importance. "But still, it could turn out that just continues to send letters until you answer. Meaning, he could go the annoy-her-until-she-talks route." Totally not something Deagret had ever done before. Definitely not.

So Dea decided to just stuff her mouth with ice cream. Which quickly did two things: gave her an absolutely killer brain freeze and made her super embarrassed, because she was eating like a maniac. "Sorry, um, I just wanna finish before we leave." No, she was stalling, and it was fairly obvious.

And then Norah mentioned dresses and Dea did not wanna think about Norah trying on cutesy dresses because that's totally not something you think about ex-crushes-now-friends. Like, definitely not. And she really would just rather not put people in awkward situations, but here she was! Putting herself in an awkward situation. Great, just, real great.

Something she totally looked forward to like every day, when she inevitably screwed herself over.

She sucked down another spoonful of ice cream and nodded. "Um, yeah, totally, let's uh, let's do that. Do you have anything specific in mind or are we just browsing? Because I'm down with either."

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