Remington Burnham

Sept. 26, 2020, 3:53 p.m.

Here's to hope!

Thankfully, Drew agreed to get lunch together, which meant Remington had a valid enough reason to stop coming up with better things than “I am a human girl” on her college applications. She’d hoped to be finished with animagus by now and be able to write about that. Besides being a know-it-all in class and secretly running a self-defense club for years at the school, she couldn’t think of much else that made her special. Why would a college want to add her to their student body? Everyone applying to the schools she wanted were special in those academic ways. She’d need to find something else, but that could happen later. Now was a time to relax.

Getting lunch with Drew was a great idea, but her brain decided to go from being nervous about college to being nervous about that. It wasn’t necessarily a welcome change, but she did like when she could stress out about other things than the usual ones. It had the same appeal of solving puzzles: maybe she couldn’t fix the current stressful thing, but she could put together a jigsaw puzzle and feel momentarily successful. She could get lunch with Drew and try to get herself to sort out their friendship enough, maybe feel better about that part of her life --

“But I was gonna ask if you want to go out some other time. On a date.”

And then Remington’s brain completely short circuited and stopped worrying about anything at all. The only thing it seemed capable of doing was process Drew’s words at lightning speed. Drew was going to ask her out. Her best friend, who broke up with his long-term girlfriend, wanted to go out some other time. Specifically, he wanted to go on a date. He wanted to go on a date with her. Andrew Tennant wanted to go on a date with her.

To Drew, her reaction came after only a second, but in Remington’s head, it felt like an absurd amount of time before she spoke.

“I -” Her own smile interrupted her answer. She tried again. “Yeah, I would, um - I’d really like to go out sometime.” And because he was specific, she decided to be, too, “On a date.”

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