Darlene Knight

Nov. 10, 2019, 3:46 p.m.

Shop til you drop! [Remington]

There was no better way to celebrate a return to school than some back-to-school Pearl Street shopping. Mother always sent her back with more than a pocketful of money, and Darlene felt she had a little extra to celebrate this year, given all she had accomplished. Okay, so maybe it wasn’t really that much, but being awarded Prefect still meant something to the civilized world, didn’t it? It was a title and an accomplishment.

She almost wished she had dragged Drew along to carry her things, but knowing that toting her purchases wasn’t exactly his favorite type of activity, she gave him permission to stay behind this time and went about her merry way on her own. She would miss his unwavering compliments as she tried on new outfits, but the Lyra was both imaginative and conceited enough to hear his voice in her head telling her all the nice things she wanted to hear when she looked into the mirror.

Sufficiently satisfied with her purchases, Darlene exited from her first of several stops with several bags in tow. As she emerged back onto Pearl Street, she noticed another student across the way: Remington. Since the other girl was one of Drew’s friends, Darlene was determined to get on her good side, although she was starting to pick up that maybe Remington didn’t really like her very much. But she could fix that, she just knew it.

“Remington! Hey!” she called, skirting across the way to catch up with the older girl. “How was your summer? Would you like to shop with me?”

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