Elliot Phippen

Oct. 17, 2020, 12:49 p.m.

So much to do, so much to see

You didn’t really need a reason to have an Event in NYC. Practically every weekend there was an Artist’s Alley or a Greek Heritage Festival or a Rainbow Bagel Extravaganza. Queer people had events in June for Pride Month and October for LGBT History Month, which even Elliot (a queer people) thought was an excessive amount of celebration for one theme. And the Harper-Phippens went to a fair amount of them because Mama was a People Person who liked huge crowds and Dad liked Making Memories As A Family.

Boulder wasn’t like that so far as Elliot could tell, but between Quidditch and Dueling Club and classes there was enough going on at RMI that he didn’t mind. But given the chance to go to a street carnival—excuse him, a magic street carnival—he was abso-freaking-lutely going, all day.

October in Boulder was a little nippy, but Elliot’s many layers (triforce tee + red and black flannel + N7 hoodie + fake black leather jacket) (he didn’t generate much body heat so he needed ALL the clothing) and jeans kept him warm enough. One of his many pockets jingled with unwieldy wizarding currency. Not having access to his Steam library but still getting an allowance meant Elliot was fluuuuush with caa~aaash, and you bet he was planning to blow it all on fair food and rides and games.

But where to begin? Rides? He could already tell he was gonna go on the Wronski Faint at least a dozen times. But then again, one of the ring toss prizes was a puzzle box that was totally calling Elliot’s name. Like, literally, his whole name, Elliot Roy Phippen, over and over in a reedy voice—were other people hearing that, or were they just hearing their own names? Then there was the food—surely there had to be jalapeño poppers somewhere, and he had to try the cotton candy in the shape of a storm cloud that seemed to be producing actual lightning. And what about THE THING?

Having come to an abrupt halt in indecision, it shouldn’t have surprised Elliot when someone entering the carnival crashed into his back. “Oh, shit, sorry,” he said, stumbling until he caught his footing again. “Where are you going first? I literally don’t even know where to start. Wanna hit up a ride with me?”

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