Oct. 17, 2020, 2:37 p.m.

So much chaos to create...

Aw man, was she really doing this? Was this actually happening?

Or perhaps, a more pertinent question: was she crazy?


Her shrunken dirt bike hidden in the inside pocket of her big puffy jacket and the keys in the back pocket of her jeans, Dea was living purely on adrenaline right now. It had been no small struggle to get the bike out from under her bed (and to do so without attracting attention)--eventually she gave up and decided to put the shrinking potion in a water bottle with a mister on it. Spraying the dirt bike was a heck of a lot easier than trying to rub it on to make sure certain parts weren't staying large and that the whole effect was spread evenly.

Speaking of the water bottle, Dea made a mental note to clean that out when she got back. It was her only one that she'd gotten specially for Quidditch and it'd probably be really bad to ingest a shrinking a potion...

Or very interesting. She wondered briefly if drinking a shrinking potion could cause organ failure or make your throat close up and your stomach shrivel. Or maybe you'd just like, full-body shrink? Magic and all that. It needs to be more intuitive. Because really, the "you never know until you try" method is both right up her alley and extremely dangerous.

Either way, her plan was simple: get some customers. If she couldn't get customers, just hang around on her bike after the two-hour and twenty-three minute time limit of the potion was up!

As she was walking through the entrance, the person in front of her stopped abruptly and she ran smack into them. And the "oh shit, sorry" made her immediately realize who it was.

"Oh, hey Elliot!" She said with a smile and a wave, and readjusted her knit hat. "I was planning on the roller coaster or the Wronski Faint! I'm kind of already running on adrenaline right now so I thought, 'why not'! What about you?"

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