Jameson Daegan

Oct. 17, 2020, 9:02 p.m.

Predict THIS

FOMO was the absolute worst.

Apparently, there was some kind of carnival on Pearl Street. JD didn’t understand the appeal - disgusting fried foods, dangerous rides, rigged games, and - the worst of all - amateur traveling performers with no production value? He literally shuddered. If that’s where his career led him, he hoped someone would be kind enough to Avada Kedavra him and end his suffering.

But… everyone was there. Practically everyone went to the carnival. And JD was alone at Rocky Mountain International. He considered throwing on a face mask and relaxing, enjoying the peace, but then he remembered how much the quiet bothered him.

He hated being alone.

He also couldn’t be caught dead at something like this. For the first time ever at RMI, JD reached into his dresser and brought out his only-to-be-used-in-emergencies item: a pair of sunglasses. He was going undercover. This was pretty much a magic only gig, so he had to somehow blend in without looking too magical or too Muggle. He pulled on a grey Muggle hoodie and pulled some casual black robes over that. A normal pair of jeans - only expensive to the very trained eye - and name brand sneakers by so-and-so who he met that one time, and then he was off.

JD didn’t know who he was anymore. The JD before RMI would never subject himself to this, but here he was. What was he even supposed to do? He made it to Pearl Street and the carnival, trying to find literally anyone he recognized while also feeling… what? What was this feeling? Oh no, whatever it was - it was very uncomfortable. He hated it. He hated this school and that he even was in a position to go to a stupid traveling carnival instead of Europe or Japan or anywhere his music could take him to. Was this it? Was he really done for? Was he failing?

Oh, he felt nauseous and like he couldn’t catch his breath. What good was cardio when he got winded just walking around a stupid outdoor mall?? He ended up outside of a purple yurt, trying not to gasp for air, when an older student said something to him.

“I - what?” His voice came out quick, as if he was fitting them between panicked breaths. “Fate? The future?” His blue eyes widened behind his sunglasses. No! “What do you know? Are you saying - “ He didn’t want to know his present, let alone his future!! His breathing quickened again, and he felt like his chest hurt. “Is it possible to have a heart attack as a teenager because if so, I am, and you’re gonna have to do something about it.”

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