Remington Burnham

Oct. 17, 2020, 9:54 p.m.

A fairly nice idea!

As college deadlines continued to approach, and she got closer and closer to mastering her animagus transformation, it was harder to convince Remington Burnham to take breaks. She had too much to do. Stopping to do other things felt irresponsible, and she knew it would be easier after midterm. She just needed to get through all of this. Once the applications were in at the end of November, she could make this happen. Everything would be fine.

The crossover program with UNC Chapel Hill and Duke was both the first due on her list and was her top choice. The personal essay still proved to be a struggle, though. Remington was feeling more secure in herself this year. Having a good term had a lot to do with it. No one had been set on fire, punched in the face, or spread any nasty rumors yet. As far as she was concerned, it was the tamest year at RMI she’d known, and she was thankful. It made her feel less distressed all the time and led to her saying some kind things about herself in the essay. It still felt forced, though. It was like she was trying to sell a stranger to this program and not herself.

She’d finished the application for Sirweams that morning, though, and she’d made significant progress on some of the others. No matter how much she wanted to power through… it was time for a break. It didn’t have to be a long one. Plus, there was a carnival on Pearl Street, which she couldn’t remember happening before. If she was going to take a break and get some fresh air, she might as well do it on a day that something totally different was going on at RMI.

After changing out of her most comfortable pajamas into a sapphire blue sweater dress, with a brown belt wrapped around her waist, and pale grey wizarding robes she’d charmed to heat below a certain temperature, she left her room. And then she came back to change shoes, quickly realizing she’d nearly walked to Pearl Street in her fuzzy purple slippers. Okay, she genuinely needed a break.

...which, okay, Drew mentioned and encouraged when they found out about the carnival, but she hadn’t thought she’d need one then!

The seventh year hadn’t promised to meet her boyfriend (thinking of Drew as her boyfriend was weird and new but made butterflies flutter around her chest and stomach in a good way) at the carnival, and now part of her wished she had. It was so cool! There were so many different rides; she wanted to know what charms were being used to keep that rickety coaster together. And the weather was nice, too! Before she could even decide where to try and start, she ran into her favorite younger student.

“Hey Madeleine,” She said brightly before listening to the youngest Tennant’s request. She had a feeling that carnival games may live up to their reputation and be more difficult than they appeared, but of course she’d try. Anything for Mads. “I’d love to help!”

She waved away Madeleine’s offer of the fried snack. When she thought about it, she couldn’t remember when she last ate - maybe dinner the night before? Yikes. Whenever that was, she didn’t want the first thing she tried to stomach to be a heavily fried cake. That sounded like a way to get sick really quickly.

“I can help you, no payment required.” She grinned and walked towards the booth. “What do we have to do to win your new Al-Mi’raj?”

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