Jason Fitz

Oct. 18, 2020, 9:36 a.m.

Sounds like my kind of party

The Fitz twins were no strangers to carnivals, and so when the Headmaster announced that there was a carnival coming to Pearl Street and that everyone could go, Jace immediately wrote their parents begging for extra money because they decided they wanted to do every single carnival thing there was. Jace was personally hoping for a rollercoaster. Not all carnivals had them, but the ones that did were epic. Plus there was all sorts of fun food at carnivals, and Jace wanted his own plate of funnel cake. He’d always had to share with Jake because their parents claimed there was too much sugar in them for one kid, but that was not a particular concern Jace had. He didn’t believe in sugar crashes, just sugar highs and besides, he knew not to eat funnel cake before going on rides and that was the important thing.

The pair went up to Pearl Street together, but almost immediately separated because Jake wanted to get his future Divined and Jace was way more interested in getting an adrenaline rush. He was surprised that Jake wasn’t, but it was whatever - Jace was pretty sure he’d run into someone fun looking for the rush too. Elliot maybe, or Dea.

It wasn’t hard to find the roller coaster, since it was freakin’ massive but it took longer to get over there because there were absolute crowds of people. He saw a bunch of little kids with parents who looked like they might be regretting their decisions to buy cotton candy or agree to a fourth go-round on the spinning cauldron ride, and there was definitely one little kid who looked like he was about to puke, which made Jace walk away even more quickly. He saw some of his classmates and some older students from RMI too, but didn’t manage to catch anyone by the time he reached the roller coaster. And boy, was it a beauty.

The roller coaster was creaky and Jace was one hundred percent sure that he saw way more duct tape on it than his parents would have ever deemed acceptable. It groaned and squeaked as the people in the brightly colored cars screamed, and Jace swore he saw it swaying a little. He grinned. It was the perfect roller coaster. It had a huge drop and a loop and a lot of turns that looked like they were incredibly satisfying. Now the only thing he had to do was find someone to ride with. Why had his dumbass brother decided to go do something else? Not like they were attached at the hip just because they were twins, but ever since they’d started at RMI Jake had spent more time ditching Jace than ever in their entire life. Including at the first opening feast. Asshole.

Turning and just about to make a foray back into the crowd to see if he could find someone fun to talk into riding what his mother would have called ‘the screaming deathtrap’ (which was a hella good name for a roller coaster, if Jace was being really honest here), Jace was saved the trouble when he saw a familiar face in line for the next ride. Sweet.

“Hey, wanna ride with me?” he asked, sliding into the line like the spot had been saved for him the whole time and ignoring the glares from the people directly behind him. “Screaming’s no fun if you’re doing it alone.”

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