Elliot Phippen

Oct. 18, 2020, 10:22 a.m.

I’m always a slut for chaos

There were a lot of sticks in the mud at RMI, but Deagret Wyckland was not one of them. Perfect: she would definitely pick something fun. And Elliot’s expectations became reality when Dea said she was heading thinking about the rides too. Drop towers were great, but you couldn’t beat a roller coaster for being yanked along down drops and banked turns and loops (this coaster didn’t have a loop but a guy could dream).

“Yeah, let’s do the coaster,” he agreed. He grabbed Dea’s hand so they wouldn’t get separated—there were a LOT of people here—and led her toward the end of the street. There were so many cool things to see on the way but he tried not to get distracted. After all, they had all day at the carnival to eat a tower of mozzarella sticks and win fabulous prizes (there was a very wizardly-looking cloak at the Bludger-wrestling game) and see THE THING. Right now, he was on a Mission. And that mission was an unexpectedly gigantic coaster called The Wandbreaker.

There was a line, of course, because The Wandbreaker looked like the funnest ride at this place, so Elliot cued up right alongside Dea. His stomach growled. “I’m just running on caffeine,” he explained. He’d skipped breakfast in anticipation of nauseating rides and greasy fair food. It was such a stereotypical New Yorker thing to complain that you couldn’t get a decent cup of coffee outside of the city, and in fairness Elliot had had good coffee at some of the shops on Pearl Street (not as good as The Coffee Stop’s, he amended loyally), but man you could not get a good cup of coffee in the Finer Diner. So he was just running on a disappointing coffee-with-sugar (there was no need for milk but sugar made everything better). “I don’t think the adrenaline’s gonna kick in for me until we’re on the coaster. Yours is already going just from the carnival?” he guessed.

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