Wynonna Wakefield

Oct. 18, 2020, 11:08 a.m.

I sure hope I can!

This was not the first time Wynonna had been to a cool magical street like Pearl Street. Well, she would probably call the wizarding shopping center she went to with Westley and Mom had taken her to to get all her books and clothes for school, but that was like, an actual fancy mall and this was a cute little street.

Except it was absolutely covered in carnival-esque things. So yeah, quite a different experience from the high-end shopping in Savannah. Though, even that didn't quite measure up to the Muggle boutiques all over Forsyth county.

Wyn had grabbed a classic Muggle carnival food in the form of a funnel cake and was munching on it thoughtfully. Her mother would have actually killed her if she knew she was eating this kind of sugary food and also without a fork and knife. Wynonna would've preferred a fork and knife, but alas, there seemed to be none at the ready, so it seemed she'd have to go without!

A good lie.

Wyn wasn't really interested in the games of the carnival--it was fairly obvious no one was winning anything at all, and she wasn't going to waste her weekly allowance on that. So instead, she decided to just wander the carnival and watch all the pretty lights and hear the sounds.

She probably wouldn't stay long.

Wandering about had proved fun after an hour, and also, she'd gotten hungry again. Deciding to peruse the food stands, Wynonna came across a seller advertising fried Chocolate Frogs and was immediately repulsed.

And intrigued.

She'd never quite liked Chocolate Frogs, considering the fact she had issues with food that still moved. Perhaps frying them essentially rendered them...immobile? Then, a girl she recognized but didn't know spoke up next to her, wondering the same thing.

"I don't quite know. It's interesting though. Do you think it just keeps them from moving, or like, kills them in a way? Let's do it!" She laid down five Sickles before introducing herself. "I'm Wynonna Wakefield. I don't think we've met yet."

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