Oct. 18, 2020, 11:11 a.m.

The louder the better!

“The screaming’s the best part, man!” Jace laughed at how wide the younger boy’s eyes still were. Jace was only a third year so he was still in classes with first years which meant he couldn’t say they were babies, but next year he could and that was going to be awesome. He couldn’t wait to feel like he was an older kid. Next year was going to be epic, they’d get to choose their classes (although Jace wasn’t sure what he’d give up) and he’d be officially an upper years student. It didn’t come with any more perks than being a third year, since he could officially go to Pearl Street on his own now anyway, carnival or no carnival, but he knew he’d still feel extra cool. He’d be able to like, mentor younger students.

“Roller coasters are the best part of carnivals, they’re so sketchy it’s amazing. Have you never been on a roller coaster before?” he asked the first year, whose name Jace was pretty sure was Dmitry or something else really stereotypically Russian. Like if you thought of Russia, you thought of Dmitry, pretty much. And a last name that ended in a v. Jace didn’t know if Dmitry’s last name ended in a v and he didn’t care enough to ask, but pretty much Jace knew him as ‘that Russian firstie’ and it was specific enough for whenever he was talking about the kid. Which was, to be fair, rarely. When Jace hung out with people they were usually copying his homework or pranking people or doing other fun, possibly-against-the-rules things. He was kinda bummed that he didn’t have classes with Sadie and Elliot this year; Jace wasn’t sure how much they actually liked him, but they were fun to hang around.

Wow, maybe they didn’t have roller coasters in Russia, now that Jace thought about it. The most he really knew about Russia was that it was cold and that there was communism. Or there had been communism. Jace wasn’t used to being in the dark on this sort of thing because he did secretly like doing research and homework and stuff, but he’d never actually really studied Russia. Mostly he’d done like, American history and stuff in school which was okay but there was only so many times you could learn about Lincoln freeing the slaves before it got super boring. They practically copied and pasted the textbook sections about some stuff, Jace was pretty sure. And like yeah, he hadn’t gone to the best school ever, but in retrospect maybe they should have learned a little bit more about the actual world and less about the speeches dead people gave.

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