Eugene Hardie

Oct. 18, 2020, 11:50 a.m.

Ready to ride high?

Normally, Eugene loved carnivals. He loved anything that got the heart racing whilst simultaneously trying to clog it full of fatty foods, and there was no event that involved face-painting that he had yet been disappointed by. But his enthusiasm for the Calamitous Carnival had sprung a leak when Eugene had recently received word from his wayward brother, Leopold. After a month of silence Leopold had written to inform Eugene that he was currently employed as part of a carnival which had been such a shock that Eugene had initially thought the letter must have been an April fools’ prank that had gotten delayed in the mail.

Eugene had thought it was a pretty weird career choice for Leo who had never seemed like a carnie type - he always said the games were rigged and and only stayed long enough to try out a rollercoaster or two - but then he’d explained that he was working for a muggle carnival. Apparently, it was easy work, that all he had to do was convince a few people he’d talked to their dead cats and read a few palms, and he got to travel around.

Eugene knew Leopold hadn’t much liked divinations and had preferred Arithmancy, but Leo said numbers weren’t as flashy and didn’t ‘bring in the punters’ as well as a crystal ball. Eugene couldn’t really figure out what bothered him so much about Leo’s job, and tried to get excited about the prospect of a free card reading now that his brother was becoming a serious seer, but something about doing readings for muggles just felt off to Eugene. Eugene needed to give himself a shake - he was probably just jealous that his brother was surrounded by so much cotton candy all day.

Still, when Eugene arrived at the carnival he found himself eager to put as much distance between himself and the Calamitous Carnival’s seer as possible and quickly set his sights on the rusty Ferris wheel. It would be difficult for his thoughts to get tangled up by the ethics of using ‘the sight’ when he was two hundred feet in the air.

Eugene bounded into a passenger car and stood gripping the edge as his feet swayed unsteadily beneath him. “I’ve never been on a Ferris wheel before,” he called to the other occupant who was sitting sensibly and waiting for the ride to take off. “Do you think we could get stuck at the top? That would be so cool. Maybe they’d levitate us down or something - it’d be like actually flying - I’ve always wanted to do that.”

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